Continual Assessment for Term 1

Hey Eunoians!

Please find the briefing on Continual Assessment by clicking on the link (wait, you just missed it).

Most classes will be given time in class this week to complete CA1 – an essay outline task for one Paper 3 poem related to ‘The Mind and Self in Literature’ – ‘Mr Bleaney’ by Philip Larkin, on p70 of Multiverse. You are expected to complete the essay outline by the end of your 3rd tutorial in Term 1 Week 10. Nonetheless, we will preserve an even deadline for CA1 – Fri, 10 Mar 2017.

You will be tasked to complete CA2 – a full essay on one Paper 1 poem from two options, both of which will cover familiar themes and concerns. You can download the assignment here: 2017 JC1 CA2 P1 Unseen Poetry (Revised).

Mr. Lim’s students may choose to submit their work via email. Read these guidelines first, and send them over to marc[dot]kenji[dot]lim [at] ejc[dot]edu[dot]sg. Mr. Lim’s students may also sign up for consultations over the holidays at

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