2018 Syllabus

ManFriendsThe college offers two papers to H2 Literature in English students: (i) the core paper, Paper 1: Reading Literature, and (ii) the elective topic paper, Paper 3: The Mind and Self in Literature. The elective period paper, Paper 2: The English Renaissance (1509-1660) is not offered in the college.

The list of papers and set texts (click Continue Reading) applies to both 2017-18 and 2018-19 cohorts. The unit invites vendors to conduct book sales to students at a reduced price; students are advised to purchase the recommend editions from the vendor.


H1 / H2 Paper 1: Reading Literature (3 hrs)

  • William Shakespeare: Measure for Measure (Studied in JC1)
    – The college uses and recommends the Heinemann Advanced Shakespeare edition (ISBN13: 978-0435193119)
    – Other editions: Penguin Classics, New Cambridge Shakespeare, Arden Shakespeare, Oxford Shakespeare
  • Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice (Studied in JC2)
    – The college uses and recommends the Penguin Classics edition (ISBN13: 978-0141439518). This is the signature ‘black spine’ version with an introduction by Tony Tanner.
    – Other editions: Penguin English Library (patterned cover), Vintage Classics, Oxford World’s Classics

*Both H1 and H2 Paper 1 include an “unseen poetry” section (Section A). H2 students are required to compare two poems in their response, while H1 students respond to one poem. Students may choose from two options.


H2 Paper 3: The Mind and Self in Literature (3 hrs)

  • Alan Ayckbourn: Woman in Mind (Studied in JC1)
    – The college uses the Samuel French Press edition (ISBN13: 978-0573016622)
    – Other editions: Vintage (Out of print)
  • Edward Albee: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Studied in JC1)
    – The college uses the Signet Classics edition (ISBN13: 978-0451158710)
    – Other editions: Vintage
  • Sylvia Plath: Ariel^ (Studied in JC2)
    – The college uses the Faber Modern Classics edition (ISBN13: 978-0571322725)
    – Other editions: Faber and Faber (Restored Edition), Faber and Faber (2010 Edition)

*Paper 3 includes an “unseen in context” section (Section A). Students can choose between two options covering the genres of poetry, prose and drama.

^The selected poems for study in Ariel are:

  • Sheep in Fog
  • The Applicant
  • Lady Lazarus
  • Tulips
  • Cut
  • Elm
  • The Night Dances
  • Poppies in October
  • Ariel
  • Death & Co.
  • Getting There
  • Medusa
  • A Birthday Present
  • Daddy
  • Fever 103°
  • Paralytic
  • Poppies in July
  • Contusion
  • Edge


About Your Set Texts

As an examination candidate, you are allowed to bring set texts into the examination for reference. Strictly follow our Annotation Guide: in short, only straight-line highlighting and underlining is allowed, and there should be no writing, squiggles, brackets, circles or boxes.

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