Homework for December 2017


For contingency purposes, I have appended Ms Yeo and Ms Ang’s instructions for the holidays, as well as the unseen questions you’ve been tasked to attempt here (files are contained within the links). ^_^

  • H2 STUDENTS* (except 17-U1)  – complete 2017-P1-HolidayHW-Set1 and 2017-P3-HolidayHW. You may also attempt 2017-P1-HolidayHW-Set2 as extra practice for the Unseen comparative component. You are also to read Ariel and attempt your own close-reading and annotation of the poems over the holidays.
  • *17-U1 ONLY – complete 2017-P1-HolidayHW-Set2 and the 2017-P3-HolidayHW (you have already done set 1 in tutorial, so no need to do that).
  • H1 STUDENTS – complete 2017-H1-HolidayHW. Do also take the extra time to re-read, revise and consolidate your understanding of Measure for Measure.
  • ALL STUDENTS (H1 + H2) – read Pride and Prejudice and work out the plot, characters (how are they characterised and what are they like? What kind of behaviours/type of person/aspect of society do they seem to represent? How do they develop or change as the novel progresses?), narrative POV and its effects, and narrator’s tone and attitude. Try to also come to class with a preliminary list of themes you think are present within the novel.

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