I Smell a Bat

Now that the curtains have been unveiled, we are free to welcome Mr. Ian Tan into the team! Check out his excellent “How to Read a Poem” series on YouTube, which should prove very useful to your grasp of the unseen for H2 Paper 3 and poetry comparison in H2 Paper 1. Read on for a few more selections from Mr. Tan’s series

Richard Wilbur

Mind in its purest play is like some bat
That beats about in caverns all alone,
Contriving by a kind of senseless wit
Not to conclude against a wall of stone.

It has no need to falter or explore;
Darkly it knows what obstacles are there,
And so may weave and flitter, dip and soar
In perfect courses through the blackest air.

And has this simile a like perfection?
The mind is like a bat. Precisely. Save
That in the very happiest of intellection
A graceful error may correct the cave.

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Writing a WHY Paragraph

Hey Eunoians!

We have assigned you, our first ever Literature cohort, a short paragraph-writing exercise on ‘Strange Fruit’ (Multiverse p31). You can use one of the guiding questions on the page, or just select (What) an idea from the poem, (How) analyse a method and an accompanying set of images / metaphors, and their effects, and (Why) comment on the purpose of these images – what the poem essentially ‘says’ or ‘does’ in the light of lynching, racial terror, social injustice and concerns you can decide for yourself 😉

The slides for our first tutorial can be accessed here if you want them – U-T01 Imagery (Slides).

You can download and print the Multiverse Essay Planners (see p132 and onwards) if you need help, or if you need to refer to the W-H-Y structure for paragraphs. The “WHY Framework” on Multiverse p12 and the various writing samples in the pack provide you further help.

This is, alas, a handwritten assignment. You can label your points “What”, “How” and “Why” in whichever fashion you prefer. Labelling is optional and is meant to guide your writing, if you need that guidance.

For those of you who prefer electronic submissions, hang on! Mr. Lim (c’est moi) will be setting for his students (third-person is awkward) a set of guidelines (yes) for that in time to come, which you can use for subsequent full essays / assignments.